Claire Robbins is a 28-year-old firecracker from Portland, Oregon. Weighing 125 pounds, but standing only 5’ 3” tall. Her 34A chest, 35-inch hips and 25-inch waist provide a comfortable ride for those who mount this sassy Aquarius, as her blue eyes burn with lust, smoldering so deeply that one might swear it to be the source of her reddish brown hair.

You can tell Claire thought she knew her way around a leather couch, but when Matt Williams ties her up and gave her a thorough slamming, she learns what it means to be truly fucked. The problem is, she has a natural “fuck me” smirk that comes across as an innocent request to satisfy her curiosity, but one cannot help but to want to wipe that smile off her face.

That smile only gets bigger when Claire offers up all of her wet holes for action. She is brought to new realms of ecstasy as she is passed between pals, blindfolded so that she does not know (or care) which cock is which, as long as she is stuffed beyond her wildest imagination, and left in a frothy heap to contemplate her sins — while seething in the warm embrace of too-intense of an orgasm.